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Steel Window Replacement to high performance replica

Nov 12, 2020

Steel Window Service replaced and upgraded the failed Universal Section 1930s, un-galvanised steel windows with new high-performance replicas from the W40 range - galvanised and powder coated, acoustically and thermally insulated steel windows - on this grade II listed building.

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Top reasons you should consider changing your Steel Windows

Oct 27, 2020

Old Steel Windows in a deteriorated condition? Maybe they are allowing in heat and cold infiltration or leaking air or water? Consider replacing them with modern steel windows instead of just repairing or repainting. Replacement is the most cost-efficient option to help you lower the long-term cost of maintenance and help reduce your energy bills.

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Thermally Broken or Non-Thermally Broken Steel Windows?

Oct 16, 2020

Metal windows and doors made from Aluminium, steel or bronze are stronger because of their structural strength. However, the disadvantage of this feature is its mismanaged energy efficiency since metal conducts heat easily. This means on a hot day a solid metal frame will act like a radiator in your room, and likewise, on a cold day, you will be losing heat outdoors through your frames.

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A modern design with steel screens

Oct 09, 2020

Steel screens have continued to grow in popularity since they first became a mainstream design consideration around 2014 and it’s set to be a trend that continues throughout 2020, as more people look to maximise the spaces they have. 

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Experts with Steel Windows

Sep 22, 2020

We manufacture SMW, W20, W30, W40 and fire rated windows in our factory in London. We offer a full range of services from project management to replacing a single window. We cover the commercial and residential market. No matter what size of contract.

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Bespoke Steel, Fire Rated Windows

Sep 09, 2020

Choosing Bespoke Steel framed, fire rated windows with SWS, Manufactured in the UK by SWS. Our Steel Windows can be manufactured to suit any structural opening size please contact Steel Window Service for more information.

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Why work with Steel Window Services?

Aug 06, 2020

Steel Window Service, a member of the Steel Window Association, has been in the industry since 1951 and is recognised as a leading company specialising in the design, supply and fix, servicing, repair and replacement of steel windows. Experienced in carrying out contracts of all sizes in the commercial and domestic sector, we offer a full advisory and project management service directly to the public local authorities, property management companies, housing associations, architects and main contractor builders.

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The Steel Windows Myth

Jul 23, 2020

Steel windows and doors have been in existence in their current form since the 1930’s, and a well manufactured window will last, easily, for 50 years or more. You are still able to find the traditional single glazed steel windows, commonly known within the industry as the SMW window. If you have existing steel windows and live in a listed property or conservation area these are the windows you will normally be required to replace your originals with.

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Why Steel is a versatile product

Jul 07, 2020

The industrial style of steel windows is fashionable while the strong, versatile material is ideal for external windows, double doors, internal partitions, and shower screens. Read on to find out more.

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