Steel Screens

In recent years architects and designers have moved towards creating an open living/working space within homes and commercial buildings. There is a desire for private, partitioned areas whilst simultaneously creating a feeling of openness.

Steel Window Services manufacture a beautiful selection of bespoke internal steel doors and screens which can be used as stylish focal points in your home. Due to its inherent strength and remarkable flexibility, steel is the ideal material for an internal screen because it will last for a long time and can be moulded into any design. 

Internal steel screens are generally made from W20 sections, which are available in various styles and colours and with multi point locking or a traditional mortice lock, Steel Window Services steel doors and frames can be matched to your windows or can be used on their own to create a unique look.

All our internal screens come with safety glass so you can rest assured that they will meet the requirements of current building regulations. If you require fire rated internal steel partitions, please contact us for more information.


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