Experts with Steel Windows

Experts with Steel Windows

Steel Window Services have been manufacturing Steel Windows and doors since 1951. Here is a range of our popular Steel Frames.

W20 Steel Windows

The traditional heavy-duty framing system, 32mm wide with 5mm thick flanges, originally developed for commercial and industrial applications. It accommodates single and insulating glass units up to 16mm thick in the same profiles simply with a change of bead. All glazing, whether in fixed lights or casements, is in the same plane.



W30 Steel Windows

A slimline derivative of W20, W30 Steel Windows are suitable for outward opening double glazed domestic and light commercial applications. They incorporate double weather seals plus fully drained and ventilated glazing.



W40 Steel Windows

An evolutionary development from W20, W40 Steel Windows which offer continuity of style with the same casement sight lines as W20 but the 40mm wide profiles permit double glazing with 26mm thick units.




Standard Metal Windows (SMW) are particularly suitable for renovation work as similar profles, 25mm wide with 3mm thick fanges and the same standard 500 or 600mm modules, remain available today.



We cover the commercial and residential market.

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