Top reasons you should consider changing your Steel Windows

Top reasons you should consider changing your Steel Windows

Old Steel Windows in a deteriorated condition? Maybe they are allowing in heat and cold infiltration or leaking air or water?

Consider replacing them with modern steel windows instead of just repairing or repainting. Replacement is the most cost-efficient option to help you lower the long-term cost of maintenance and help reduce your energy bills.



Here are Steel Window Service's top reasons for replacing old steel windows and why that may be the best option.


Energy efficiency

Unlike many old steel windows that could only accept single-pane glass, today’s steel windows can easily accept insulated glass. Insulated glass helps windows meet modern energy requirements. Many high-performance glass options are available, so there are energy-efficient solutions for almost any application. Also, for the utmost in energy efficiency, thermally broken frames are available.



Older steel windows were designed either without weather stripping or with inadequate weather stripping. Modern steel windows include weather stripping that is designed to resist air and water infiltration to meet the latest performance codes and to help keep the weather outside where it belongs.


Sight lines

With proven strength and durability, today’s steel windows still allow the desirable narrow sight lines, so they make ideal replacements for older steel windows. Sloped glazing bead options are available that reproduce the putty-glazed look while increasing performance.




Old steel windows may have peeling paint that could contain lead or have many built-up layers of paint that can interfere with the operation of the window. Modern factory-applied corrosion-inhibiting finishes include galvanizing, electro-coat (e-coat) primer, powder coating, urethane enamel and more. With proper maintenance, today’s new coatings will far outlast the finishing technologies of the past.



Old steel windows can be recycled. Making replacing them a green choice for the planet. 

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