A modern design with steel screens

A modern design with steel screens

Steel screens in modern design

Steel screens have continued to grow in popularity since they first became a mainstream design consideration around 2014 and it’s set to be a trend that continues throughout 2020, as more people look to maximise the spaces they have.



Despite steel coming into popularity for fenestration in the 19th century, its continued use over the years in construction and design for achieving particular architectural styles has inspired new ways to transform all kinds of spaces. Moving outside of traditional exterior, industrial and commercial use, steel screens and doors have become a favoured choice for architects, interior designers and homeowners with a keen eye for design.



Enabling flexibility in structure

With steel’s versatility and the ability to create finishes in almost any colour, steel screens can bring a sense of flexibility to any design style or otherwise rigid layouts or floorplan, creating a better sense of openness, whilst still maintaining privacy where needed. This can make a perfect choice for period terraced homes, where layouts tend to be narrow and separated and makes a great option for enabling better quantities of natural light in the home.

Over the years, we’ve seen stunning examples of interior screens and steel doors used to create home offices, gyms, dressing rooms and flexible dining or social spaces.


Bespoke designs and a wide choice

Whether you intend to implement screens that complement traditional or period features of your home or have ideas in mind for edgier sightlines for a more contemporary space, you won’t be limited with steel, as its great strength and flexibility lends itself to paramount capabilities.

The SWS team will work with you to discuss your ideas and requirements, before devising an entirely bespoke solution.

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