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Thermal Break System over Non-Thermal Break System

Aug 31, 2020

Metal windows and doors made from Aluminium, steel or bronze are stronger because of their structural strength. However, the disadvantage of this feature is its mismanaged energy efficiency since metal conducts heat easily. This means on a hot day a solid metal frame will act like a radiator in your room, and likewise, on a cold day, you will be losing heat outdoors through your frames.

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Top benefits of modern thermally broken steel windows

Aug 18, 2020

19th century industrial-style steel windows are back and making their way into custom residences, luxury storefronts, and public buildings all around the world. The modern version of the steel window has the same classic appearance, but is more energy efficient and versatile than ever before. The look of these iconic, slim framed, vast expanses of glass make the windows a popular choice, and something that will last for several years to come.

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Why work with Steel Window Services?

Aug 06, 2020

Steel Window Service, a member of the Steel Window Association, has been in the industry since 1951 and is recognised as a leading company specialising in the design, supply and fix, servicing, repair and replacement of steel windows. Experienced in carrying out contracts of all sizes in the commercial and domestic sector, we offer a full advisory and project management service directly to the public local authorities, property management companies, housing associations, architects and main contractor builders.

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