Thermal Break System over Non-Thermal Break System

Thermal Break System over Non-Thermal Break System

Metal windows and doors made from Aluminium, steel or bronze are stronger because of their structural strength. However, the disadvantage of this feature is its mismanaged energy efficiency since metal conducts heat easily. This means on a hot day a solid metal frame will act like a radiator in your room, and likewise, on a cold day, you will be losing heat outdoors through your frames. To tackle this problem window and door manufacturers have come up with new technology, an innovation which is an insulating barrier between the inside and outside of the window frame. This barrier is called “thermal break’.

So, what exactly does “thermally broken” mean? It may sound more of a negative implication but in reality, it has a positive impact when it comes to metal windows and doors.

Thermally Broken Windows and Doors



To define or understand thermally broken, it primarily refers to “high-performance insulator material separating two metal halves, whether aluminium, steel, or bronze.”

It is all about the frame that is an important part of making doors and windows. Frames form a critical part in a window and door system. Standard frames are a good conductor of heat and cold, which means the frame, can lose or gain heat basis on external temperature variations. This can ultimately undermine the performance of double glazed windows.



With NON-thermally-broken systems or solid metal systems, cold and heat can exit or enter the interiors of a home by travelling” through the solid metal frame.

Understanding the word “broken”

The ‘broken’ aspect here is via a thermal insulator, and the insulator acts as a protective mark against thermal transfer. Whether heat or cold, extreme conditions of the two do affect the ease level inside the home. Just like we buy heater or AC’s, thermally broken systems add quality to our lives inside our homes or at our workplaces.

Thermally broken metal windows provide several benefits over non-thermally broken systems and the basic difference as stated by most experts is “improved overall thermal performance over traditional non-thermally broken systems.” The most important factor in deciding to have a thermal break to a frame is that it will conduct extremities of temperatures like heat, cold and noises a thousand times slower.



Key Points to Note with Thermally Broken Windows

When considering to fix metal windows and doors for your new home or commercial space here are a few pointers specific to thermally broken profiles:

  1. Is the space in an area of extreme heat, humidity or temperatures? A very hot area would surely mean that when the heat from outside comes in contact with the steel temperature of the structure; the metal has the potential to sweat condensation. Thermally broken will lessen the potential for sweating as the interior side of the steel is separated from the hotter exterior surfaces with the insulator
  2. Similarly, is the space in an area of colder characteristics? During the colder months the idea is to keep the cold and frost out and the warmth in through the heating system, without overworking the heating system beyond repair. With non-thermal break windows, they allow cold transfer from the exterior to the interior, causing moisture and condensation on the glass, and frost buildup.

To achieve thermally efficient metal windows, having a true thermal break is the essential starting point.


By installing thermally broken windows and doors here are the benefits:

  • Thermal break systems conduct heat and noise 1000 times slower
  • They act as an amazing and effective flame retardant
  • Thermal break systems add the much-needed layers of security
  • They are easy and low on maintenance
  • They are long lasting, extremely durable and non-corrosive

To conclude, we all are aware that metal windows have their advantages and have been around for centuries. Some of the world’s most iconic buildings have them. They surely stand for long life, structural strength and easy maintenance. But this latest and most sought out thermal break technology is an innovation where the benefits are many and unrelenting.

So now you know why you want your metal windows and doors to be “thermally broken”.

To make an informed decision, why not compare the benefits of thermally broken windows and doors and then decide which option would be the best for your home or building. Visit us at Steel Window Services and get to know more. Our expert staff is ready to help you with all the information.

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