Steel Windows Meet Thermal Performance Requirements

Steel Windows Meet Thermal Performance Requirements

Today’s building owners and architects can incorporate all the beauty and strength of steel windows while still getting the energy efficient solutions they need.

Steel windows by SWS have been selected for many types of projects because of their elegance and strength, versatile and unique design applications, and their durability throughout their life cycle.




And now, thermal efficiency can be added to the list. Visit our website as it provides all the reasons why today’s hot rolled steel windows meet both thermal performance and aesthetic requirements. 

Because SWS have recognised the importance of energy conservation, today’s hot rolled steel window is designed not only for superior strength and aesthetics but also energy efficiency. The narrow profiles of steel windows afford designers the luxury of allowing a larger amount of glass to enhance the architecture of the building.




When a steel window system is combined with today’s high-performing glass, the result is a highly energy-efficient solution. 

Further, the SWS website provides comprehensive specifications and installation guidelines for various types of steel windows and doors. Many downloadable resources provide additional information.



Check out our previous projects which provide timeless window and door designs to complement a wide range of architectural styles from historic to contemporary. The versatility, durability, and long life cycle of steel windows and doors make them an excellent choice for almost any application. 

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