Steel Windows are the perfect solution for commercial buildings

Steel Windows are the perfect solution for commercial buildings

Steel Windows by SWS are specified for commercial projects for a vast number of reasons.

It could be that the building has been listed because it is of significant architectural or historical interest and steel is the material that will best replicate the original window design.

Or perhaps the project involves a modern structure that will benefit from the stunning good looks and contemporary feel that can only be achieved with steel.



Modern performance

Across the UK urban areas are being regenerated with numerous old commercial buildings requiring restoration and refurbishment. A lot of these buildings were built before the First World War and still have the original single glazed metal windows in situ. The requirement is often to replace these with double glazed steel replicas which achieve modern standards for insulation, weatherproofing and security while maintaining the aesthetic integrity of the building.


Contemporary feel

Steel is experiencing something of a revival with the current trend for industrial lines and monochromatic looks. A lot of architects and interior designers specify steel due to its slim sightlines allowing the largest possible glazed areas in order to let the maximum amount of light in.



The benefits of steel

Steel windows offer a range of benefits to commercial projects. Steel is incredibly strong and versatile meaning a steel window can be moulded into almost any pattern, resulting in a bespoke end product that has the added benefit of greater security against burglary and intruders. Made from 100% recycled material, steel windows are low maintenance and offer high levels of energy efficiency.

Working in partnership

SWS work in partnership with architects, conservation officers and contractors involved in a commercial project. Our team have many years’ experience among them of advising businesses and operating in the building and fenestration sectors. It is important that SWS are involved from the outset – early consultation with the building professionals involved will ensure any pitfalls are avoided and ultimately safeguard the smooth running of the project.


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