Modern Steel Windows Offer Timeless Beauty

Modern Steel Windows Offer Timeless Beauty

Today, modern commercial and residential industrial design trends are leading architects and building owners back to the beautiful and practical steel window for a wide range of creative designs and innovative uses.

Modern steel windows and doors are customizable, thermally efficient, impact- and blast-resistant, and offer an array of finishes unimaginable 120 years ago—or even 30 years ago. 

Modern architects and building owners are responding to consumers’ demands for office buildings and residences with more pleasant sightlines and greater natural light. Many are looking to steel windows and doors as the ideal solution. And beauty isn’t the only benefit. 

With their unparalleled strength, steel windows are used today in almost every imaginable building type, from universities to hospitals, private homes to churches, office buildings to museums. Additionally, their strength allows window designers nearly unlimited creativity—and gives building owners the peace of mind that strength provides, In addition to their structural strength and superior fire resistance, steel windows meet the most stringent building requirements for blast resistance and impact resistance.

Beyond their strength and safety, thinner steel window profiles can also be breathtakingly beautiful. With modern metal pretreatment processes and top coats, window manufacturers are producing more attractive products that also require minimal maintenance. A variety of factory-applied finishes, including but not limited to zinc coating, electro-coat (e-coat) primer, powder coatings, urethane enamels, and corrosion- inhibiting coatings, make these windows a highly desirable design feature. Additionally, advances in steel window design such as insulated glass and thermally broken/enhanced frames now allow energy efficiencies unheard of many years ago. 

Not only are steel windows strong and beautiful in a structure, they also bring beautiful benefits to interior spaces. The use of steel windows inside buildings has helped to fuel the popularity of unique and inspiring workspaces. For example, steel windows and doors are increasingly being specified for interior use to give spaces a fashionable industrial vibe. 

When designers and architects construct today’s workspaces, which often have open office plans, they are specifying steel windows more and more to provide the strength, durability, beauty, and customizability that help make time at work more meaningful. The same is true for residential buildings: providing more natural light and wide, less-obstructed views are leading to an uptick in the use of steel windows.

The evolution of steel windows since the late 19th century isn’t just interesting history; it has spurred an exciting movement toward a combination of strength and beauty with both classic and modern attributes. For architects and building owners, steel windows and doors provide a timeless, familiar, and beneficial window solution. 

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